How do I open an account?

We allow few signups per day. Our goal is to provide a high quality service, and we want to give fast support to all our users. To have early access, go to the homepage and leave us your email. We will contact you to let you know when your account is ready.

Where do I find Isoverse on my computer?

Open your Dropbox folder on your computer. You will find Isoverse in a folder called Apps (depending on your language, Apps can be named differently.) You should not move or delete the Isoverse folder.

What is the "Apps" folder in Dropbox? How does it works?

Dropbox uses the Apps folder to give access to services like Isoverse. This is an important privacy feature: in fact, Isoverse and all the apps inside this folder cannot access other private files in your Dropbox.

I see two folders in my Isoverse, "works" and "pages", what do they mean?

Every folder inside works represents a single project with its content (description and images). You can create as many projects you want. When you sign up for the first time, Isoverse uploads some samples in your works folder: you can edit these samples, remove the ones you don't need or duplicate them to have more.

In the folder pages you will find two other folders, About and Thoughts. These are just samples. Every folder created in pages is a basic text page linked on your homepage on the top menu. You can create as many pages you want with any title you prefer (About, Thoughts, Press, Awards, References and so on).

Can I change my username?

For now, that is not possible. Please choose it carefully.

How can I change the aspect of my portfolio?

Isoverse provides a collection of themes. Every theme can be customized changing background color, links color and other options. Themes and options will be growing in the next months: if you have any feedback about what you would like to see next, just drop us an email. You can choose how many works in a row will be displayed on your homepage: by default, there are 4 works per row, but you can have 3, 5 or 6 works per row.

Can I choose different fonts?

Not yet, we are working on that. Hold tight.

I want to add/remove the social links on top of my homepage, how can I do it?

In your portfolio's folder there's a file named basic info.txt. To change the social networks linked on your portfolio, just edit, add or remove the social links in this file. We currently support Twitter, Facebook, Dribbble, Instagram, Behance and Deviantart. If you don’t need some, just remove the line and they will disappear from your website.

How do I publish/unpublish my projects?

Each project's folder contains a project.txt file. Among the options on top there's a voice that is published:. In the portfolio example we prepared two projects are in the published: no state, that means that they are unpublished so you as the author can see them in the preview but they're hidden online from your visitors. To publish an unpublished work, simply change this to published: yes

What is Markdown and why should I care?

Every text file on Isoverse, can be formatted using the simple rules of Markdown. Markdown is a minimal way to format headers, links, bulleted lists, bold, using just plain text. What's cool about Markdown is that you don't need any special software: just use a simple text editor (like TextEdit or Notepad) and save the files as .txt

The basic syntax is:

Can I use links in the site "description"? How?

Yup, it’s super simple, here is an example: [Hi, I'm a link]( Basically, put the text of the link between square brakets, and the link itself between normal brakets. Remember to not put a space between them.

How can I use bold/italic in the text files?

To make your text bold, put the word or the sentence between double asterisks, **like this**. To make your text italic, use a *single asterisk*. Don't worry, the asterisks will not show up on your portfolio!

Your logo can be an image of any kind. An .svg image will look sharp and neat on high-definition displays and apple retina screens. Remember that the size of your logo will include the size of the artboard: trim carefully the image so you will not end up with exceeding whitespace.

My logo doesn't look good on some devices, why?

This could happen if you save a .jpg or a .gif logo with very small resolution. New high-definition screens and retina displays have more than 72dpi resolution: that means that a .jpg logo with a depth of 72dpi will look good on any average desktop screen but will be pixelated and blurry on many new computers, tablets and smartphones. If you can use a vector image then choose .svg (can be easily saved from Illustrator, for example.)

In which order are the projects displayed? And what about the images in my projects?

Every project in the works folder starts with a number, like 8.project name. Isoverse uses that number to sort your projects. Projects with the highest number will appear on the top of your portfolio, so the most recent works you'll add will be on top of the page.

Images in your projects are displayed in alphabetical order (but you can use numbers too). We support .png, .jpg and .gif.

How do I prepare the file for the "cover"?

The cover is a preview of your project displayed on your homepage. The recommended size is 760px x 760px.

Do the cover file needs to be squared?

Not necessarily, but your portfolio will look better if your covers have all the same proportions. So we suggest you to save all the covers with the same size and format, either squared, rectangular or circular. The only requirement is the minimum width at 760px.

How do I prepare the images in my projects?

Edit your images with your favorite graphics editing program, and save them directly in their project folder. We recommend a minimum width of 2360px, this way you don't have to resize and upload different images for different resolutions. We take care of providing high quality images to all kind of devices and displays.

I uploaded some images/edited some files in Isoverse but I don't see the changes online. Why?

Check if your files have been uploaded to Dropbox. To do so, check if the Dropbox icon on the top bar of your Mac (or in the tray area in Windows) is marked with a green tick. If you see two rotating arrows on a blue background, then your files are not yet on Dropbox: just wait for the green icon and check again.