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To use Isoverse you will need Dropbox, a simple tool that helps you organize your digital life. Install Dropbox for free!

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Support for HD images. You save one image, we take care of optimizing it for any display, retina included.

Responsive themes. Impress your clients: your work will look at its best on every device, including smartphones and tablets.

Work from everywhere. From your computer, browser and desktop, or even from your smartphone or tablet.

Your work really matters. Themes are built, with few customizable options, to let your work stand out.

Strict copyright policies. Your work belongs to you, and always will. Not even if the product or terms and conditions change.

The best customer support. We offer full time person-to-person support: you can always reach us 24/7.

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What is Isoverse?

Isoverse is the new publishing platform for the visual arts, fully integrated with your workflow. With Isoverse you save files on your computer and you’re right online: no upload, no hosting, no code.

How does Isoverse work?

When you sign up, Isoverse asks you to create a new folder in your Dropbox. Open that folder, drop your images and texts there and it's done: your work is automatically visible online.

Why keep files in the Isoverse folder?

We care about your privacy. For this reason Isoverse can only access its own folder: any other file you saved in Dropbox will stay private. Nothing else will go online.

How do I organise my projects?

It takes just a few minutes: you only need to title your images to order them, to name the cover image as “cover”, and your logo as “logo”. Easy, isn’t it?

How about editing?

If you need to make any changes, just open your files in your graphics editing program and save them in Dropbox. Wait a few seconds and you will see them online.

What if I'm stuck with a problem?

We are here to help. No matter how small your doubts are, you can always reach us by email or skype. Isoverse is simple and smooth, so we are: feel free to reach us whenever you need help.

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